Sex ed takes a village.

From health departments to advocacy groups and nonprofits, Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) are some of the most trusted members of our communities when it comes to youth sexual health.

Our free resources can prep you for anything affecting Oklahoma County’s kids, teens, and caregivers.

Don’t know where to start? Our free Sexual Health Resource Guide is a great resource to get the conversation going with youth you work with.

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Open, honest conversations

Get the conversation going with these helpful tips and suggestions.

Have Resources on Hand
You may be seen as the expert, but that doesn’t mean you have to know everything. Get ahead of the questions by keeping medically accurate resources and referral guides within arms reach.
School Your Staff
When dealing with adolescents and children, you never know what will come through the door. Prepare your staff ahead of time with inclusive resources and standards to follow.
Keep Your Cool
As a pillar in community services, you’ll likely encounter emotionally charged situations. Do your best to stay neutral. Remember that you’re there to help our youth get what they need to succeed.
Put Their Feelings First
Tough situations can come with some big emotions. Let the child or caregiver you’re working with know that what they’re expressing is okay and even healthy. You never know the impact one act of understanding could have.