Sex: one of God's best ideas

Almost every holy text views sex as a gift from above. Can’t say we disagree. As a faith leader, you’ll likely to need to give some life guidance while leading youth on their spiritual journeys.

But don’t lose faith. When the questions arise, our faith-based partners and resources are here to help.
Don’t know where to start? Our free Sexual Health Resource Guide is a great resource to get the conversation going with youth in your congregation.


Quick Resources for Faith Leaders


Open, honest conversations

Get the conversation going with these helpful tips and suggestions.

Have Resources On Hand
Youth may see you as a leader in the church, but that doesn’t mean you have all the answers. Get ahead of the questions by keeping medically accurate resources and guides within arms reach.
Stay Positive
Scare tactics aren’t the way to go here. Even if the child or teen is in a situation you are personally or theologically uncomfortable with, it is critical to show compassion and empathy. Emotional reactions, good or bad, can change a child’s life.
No Shame In Your Game
A lot of stigmas surround youth sexual health, especially through a religious lens. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When a child or teen starts the conversation with you, aim to share values without shame. Welcoming conversations keep kids engaged in both their bodies and their faith.
Circle Up
Talking about sex as a group can be a powerful tool, even if it’s a little awkward. Group discussions give adolescents a chance to ask questions that others might be too afraid to ask themselves. It also creates a built-in support group for kids to learn and grow with.