An assault on efforts to prevent teenage pregnancy

With flimsy justification, and in small type buried in routine documents, the Trump administration has informed 81 local governments and health groups that it will end grants they have received to run teen pregnancy prevention programs, two years before the grants are scheduled to end. The decision is unsettling even by the disquieting standards of this anti-science administration.

Pregnant pause

Teen pregnancy prevention takes center stage with federal funding woes met head on by leadership in the education and medical communities.

Sex ed advocates say #MeToo is a good start

In the months since the New York Times first broke the story about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged decades-long pattern of sexually harassing women, an avalanche of accusations against other powerful men have come to light.

Teach teens communication skills, not abstinence, in sex education classes

There is no federal mandate for sex education in the United States, but the U.S. government spends millions of dollars per year subsidizing sex education programs nationwide. Under the Trump administration, these federally-funded programs are increasingly rooted in an abstinence-only framework.

Some schools are rethinking sex ed with lessons on consent

The MeToo movement has forced a discussion about sexual harassment and consent in the workplace, in Hollywood, and in the locker room, but what about in schools?While colleges have tackled the issue by training students about relationships and consent, those who teach sex education in K-12 say it needs to start much earlier.