Talk to your parents about talking to you about sex.

It’s not as weird as you think.

Even though it can feel awkward, now’s the time to ask tough questions and spend time thinking about your boundaries. And it’s up to you whether or not you choose to have it. 

So whether you want to learn more about sexual health, find a clinic and connect to services, or just need some additional support, honestly’s got your back.


Sexual Health 101

Birth control. Condoms. Relationships. Consent. STIs. It can be hard to know what you don’t know. honestly has done the legwork, so you can be confident you have the facts for a safe, fulfilling sex life when you’re ready.

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Consent & Relationships

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Your Rights as a Minor

Find a Clinic

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It can be tricky for adults, too

Try these tips for getting the conversations going.

Ask an Adult You Trust
It’s totally normal to have lots of questions about sex and your body. Be sure to ask them to someone you trust. Maybe that person is your dad, or maybe they’re your doctor, teacher, or mentor. Whoever you choose, be upfront with what you need.
Say How You Feel
Let’s be frank. Sex topics can be awkward. Don’t be afraid to let the adult you’re talking to know where your head's at. It’s normal to feel nervous, worried, embarrassed, or even scared, even if there’s no reason to be. honestly , the adult you’re talking to just probably feels the same.
Pick a Good Time
The sex talk doesn’t need to feel like a visit to the principal’s office. Pick a time to talk where you’re comfortable, like a cold brew run or a walk around the park. It also helps to give them a heads-up before laying it all out so they can prepare.
Be Patient
Every adult was in your shoes at some point, but that doesn’t mean they have all the answers. Sometimes, they might need to do some research before they know how to respond. While it might feel frustrating at the moment, know they care and want to get you the most accurate information.
Own Your Sex Life
What you want out of your relationships and sex life is your business. It might even change throughout your life. That’s okay. Be honest about what you want, and advocate for what you need. You know more about yourself than anyone.


Youth Engagement Action Team

Talking about sex is fun. honestly’s Youth Engagement Action Team brings together kids and teens from across Oklahoma County to help with planning, decision-making, and community activities. Email us at to get involved.

Some other great organizations to check out:

SHAPE Peer Educators

Teens teaching their younger peers is an incredibly effective tool and we have experienced great results. Along with the peer education training, our team of high school students is taught more in-depth lessons related to sexual health. As a result, they become advocates for others in their own schools and communities.

Youth Advising Youth (YAY)

Encourages youth to prevent violence by becoming leaders of cultural change surrounding social issues of oppression, The mission is to prevent violence through social change, education, leadership, and youth empowerment.

Youth Advisory Subcommittee (YAS)

Promotes sexual violence prevention through education and resource navigation for Oklahoma youth so that they feel empowered to make healthy decisions about their actions, bodies, and relationships. We are the generation that talks.