Talking sex like it's your job.

Okay, maybe it’s not your whole job. As a professional who works with young people though (hey, teachers, pediatricians, and youth pastors!), sex is a topic you’ll likely have to navigate.

No need to sweat. Our partners have assembled all the tools you need when they have questions.
Don’t know where to start? Our free Sexual Health Resource Guide is a great resource to get the conversation going with adolescents in your life.


Resources for Professionals


Open, honest conversations

Get the conversation going with these helpful tips and suggestions.

Listen and Learn
No one knows how a teen feels more than a teen. Validate their feelings and let them know they’re heard. Ask open-ended questions that they feel comfortable answering. A conversation is a two-way street.
Pick the Right Time
Timing is important. Make sure it happens at a comfortable time for both of you. Consider keeping it casual, like a game of catch or over lunch.
Be a Mentor, Not a Parent
As a professional, kids and teens may view you as a more approachable source than a parent. Enter the conversation without judgment. If they trust you enough to ask, they ‘re looking for guidance, not discipline.
Be Honest
If you get a question you don’t know how to answer, it’s okay to say you need to do some research first. Getting them the facts the first time is the best way to send them on their way.