The Collaboration

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Since 2012, The Central Oklahoma Teen Pregnancy Prevention Collaboration (the Collaboration for short) has been hard at work to reduce the teen birth rate in Oklahoma County.

But large-scale change isn’t possible through the work of one organization. Movements are built on collaboration.

Today, the Collaboration includes over 30 organizations and 80 individuals in public-private partnership. Together, we are community champions and change agents for adolescent sexual health.

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Shared Vision

Our Framework

Together, we make an impact.

How do so many people and organizations work together to make a change? We use a Collective Impact framework to unite our different knowledge, experience, resources, and backgrounds.

The Collaboration’s partners share:

Our Partners

Our partners are the momentum behind this movement. Their collective power makes all the difference.

 System Leaders Systems Leaders have broad influence and decision-making authority over the systems that directly involve and affect youth in our community, and authorize within their organizations the amazing work that is being done to meet the Collaborative’s common agenda.

Change Agents are the heartbeat of our collective impact. We strongly believe that EVERYONE can be a change agent. Want to get involved? Fill out the Change Agent Inventory so we can plug you into our movement!

Pardon our maintenance: Check back for an updated list soon! 

Pardon our maintenance: Check back for an updated list soon!