Spark Innovation OKC

SPARK Innovation OKC, a project funded by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Population Affairs, is creating and supporting a network of trained, connected partner organizations and individuals in Oklahoma County.

The goal is to develop innovative, equitable, and sustainable strategies that empower caregivers to increase protective factors, ultimately promoting adolescent optimal health and leading to a reduction in STIs and teen pregnancy.

Through SPARK Innovation OKC, we are creating a culture where it is the norm for caregivers to have open and honest conversations about sexual health with the youth in their lives.

SPARK Innovation OKC is made possible by Grant Number 1 TP2AH000067-01-00 from the HHS Office of Population Affairs.

Past Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor

The Kirkpatrick Family Fund, founded by John and Eleanor Kirkpatrick in 1989, supports charitable, civic and cultural causes that impact citizens in central Oklahoma and beyond.

Collaboration Sponsor

The McLaughlin Family Foundation exists to create change in central Oklahoma that helps disadvantaged children and families reach their full potential.

Collaboration Sponsor

Blue Cross Blue Sheild of Oklahoma is the only statewide customer-owned health insurer in Oklahoma. We believe Oklahoma consumers and employers deserve the best of both worlds: access to affordable, quality health care and top-notch service from a company that focuses solely on customers, not shareholders.

2022 Showcase

honestly is excited to announce SPARK TANK 2022, our biggest Innovation Showcase ever! The event will be livestreamed from the historic Tower Theatre on Tuesday, May 10th from 1 PM to 4 PM. Check our events page for updated registration information once it’s available and be sure to join our newsletter to stay up to date with honestly!

2021 Showcase

honestly wants to thank all the amazing organizations, donors, volunteers and community members who helped make our first showcase a success. We look forward to continuing to celebrate the progress of our Innovation Cohorts as they serve caregivers in our community.

The Spark Network

This project is being led by three key groups in the SPARK Network, a partnership of individuals and organizations with diverse backgrounds, experience, and expertise.

Provides overall management and consists of honestly, two multidisciplinary organizations that serve caregivers in our community, and Innovation Coaches.

Lilyfield and Sunbeam Family Services provide critical feedback to ensure projects are medically accurate, trauma-informed, age-appropriate, and user-centered.

Innovation Coaches provide technical assistance and support for Cohorts on aspects of innovation and ensuring user-centered interventions.

Ensures equity is engrained through all aspects of the SPARK Network by providing expertise and context to the innovative projects created.

The Innovation Cohorts consist of six organizations that are selected through a competitive application process and are responsible for creating innovative interventions for caregivers in Oklahoma County. As part of the SPARK Network, the Innovation Cohorts participate in an intensive human-centered design (HCD) trainings to create their projects.