High school football players are getting a crash course in sexual consent

After #MeToo, an unprecedented number of states are considering policies to teach sexual consent in high school. But some coaches are bringing the conversation straight to the locker room.

By icgsuper

August 27, 2021

Early this year, a group of boys from Seattle’s Catholic, all-boys O’Dea High School attended a party. As football players from a team that would go on to win the state championship, they were influential among their friends. At the party, a couple of the players noticed an escalating sexual encounter involving another boy they knew that didn’t look quite right.

“It was a shady situation,” a group of girls who had been at the party later told the O’Dea football coach, James Beck, who gathered that it had involved intense pressure, alcohol, or both. The girls remembered O’Dea players stepping in and saying, “Don’t do that,” to their friend. It worked—the friend listened.

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